Trying to fix game lag

I just bought a brand new laptop for about 500$, It has a AMD A6 3-core processor which from what i read is excellent.

Thought I play guild wars 2, I use an exteranl harddrive to download absolutely anything so I won't slow anything down.

My video card is a Radeon 2.7ghz which seems to be the problem, if I bought a external video card would that help me fix this problem?

Please help i can't play without lagging horrible constantly.
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  1. there was this article here in Tom's about this new fancy external GPU slot for laptops that cost around $400 (forgot the name of the article though) but i don't think it is released yet or even exist at the moment. so the short answer, at least for now, is that you can't put a traditional GPU into your laptop and there are no GPU's being sold for laptops.
  2. Shoot I was reading online and I saw some that were being sold for laptops, I figured there would be an adpaterm, any other thought. Thats one I found for laptops, that one is too weak but along those lines.
  3. first off running a game from an ext going to cause lag. most usb ports are slow data movers. on your laptop if it one of the new ones see if it has split video card. some laptops have slower onboard video chipset to save power. if your only has one chipset then in the bios turn off energy saving and make sure the onboard gpu set for max ram. also turn off power savings for the wifi and ethernet ports.
  4. I thought about that, but it will be running through my VGA port. I am having a hard time pulling up my graphics card right now to check performance level.

    Darn Win8
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