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When i get my tax return im considering just not paying off all my credit debt and buying a laptop and selling my desktop. Tired of being tied down to my room / carrying 100lbs to friends houses, big pain in the ass imo. I was wondering what the big difference was between the nVidia 660m and the 670m. Some asus laptops have either or and the price range is quite bigger when talking about the 670m. I feel like the 660m is too old in todays terms to throw 1300$ at it. I want to be atleast a little future proof. Any opinions? Any good advice? Share your knowledge !
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  1. The 660m is based on the newer architecture (kelper) while the 670m is just a rebadged 570m (which the 570m itself is based is based on a 485m, although the clock rate is now higher). The 670m will perform quite a bit better though in games (but I actually have a 660m in my Lenovo Y580 and it overclocks good making up for that a bit).

    You have a point on the price, I wouldn't want to spend $1300 on the 660m when you can get the same GPU in a Y580 for only $1000. I highly recommend the Y580 (even though I think the smarter idea is to pay your debt).

    660m- http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-660M.71859.0.html
    670m- http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-670M.72197.0.html
    Y580- http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/laptop/ideapad/y-series/y580/
  2. haha! Well i mean i'll pay the minimum payments on my credit it's not like i won't just leave it! I am just SO ******* TIRED of sitting in my room and being locked down. Mobility is so much better and honestly laptops perform the same as desktops in my opinion. My 7970 gets all 60fps in maxxed games and such. So would a gaming laptop of 2013 amiright? Thanks for your knowledge!! The Asus with 8g is like 1250. Has the 660m in it but i see on like Amazon they have the 670m and 16g for like 1400. Right now it's a matter of where should i buy it when i do because i want my laptop to arrive in good shape and not deal with returns and all that crap
  3. You aren't touching you're 7970's level of gaming unless you are willing to spend 2500+ on a laptop (dual 7970m's (which are 7870's) or dual 680m's (under clocked 670). If you're playing at 1920 x 1080 then I'd expect the 660m to perform at that level on high (medium in some cases) but not ultra (and that should be without high AA).
  4. yeah im aware id be putting any hardcore games on high instead of ultra, i know the only way to match the best GPU out there is to spend over 2000. I just don't like being tied to my room and am more than willing to sacrifice ultra settings for mobility hah!
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