Want to buy gaming laptop in 40k

hi guyz i m new in IT feild ...need some help coz want to buy a new gaming laptop under 40k ...now want to clear some doubt ...1st i want to buy this laptop hp pavalion g6-2313ax..config-proci-a10,ram-6gb,graphics-512mb 7660g and 7670m 2gb(dual graphics) hdd-1tb


1-a10 = i3 3rd gen or i5 2nd gen or i5 3rd gen ?????
4-7670m+7660g= 650m?
5-a10+7660g+7670m = i5 3rd gen + 650 ???

now want to ask some question --is crossfire comfrtable for lappy ?? my frnd saying me that crossfire mode have some issue in performance ...huge fps drops in game play tym..microstuttering etc ..and amd apu have still heating issue ? should i able to run disable 7660g ?? should i able to run single (alone ) 7670m in gaming ?

should i go for this laptop ?? is it good for gaming ?? or should i go for other 1?? plz clear my doubts all expert member and suggest me a good gaming lappy ..uses only gaming ..(i have a gaming rig but due to in hostel i have to buy new lappy )

thanks ...
urgent ...
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  1. 40k of WHAT ...rubles ?

    All the best Brett :)
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