Connected laptop to external monitor @1680x1050 performance went down

So as the topic says, why is that?

my specs are:

Celeron dual core t3500 cpu,

3gb ram

integrated Intel GMA x4500

i suspect its possible because of integrated vga?
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  1. your internal display has a lower resolution
    your performance went down as the external has higher resolution meaning your integrated intel graphics is being tasked more to produce images in higher resolution. the higher resolution the beefier video card you need to keep playable framerates in games. you can lower the resolution to get some of the performance back
  2. are you using both as a display or is your laptop screen off. either way its an older integrated graphics card that shares memory with your compuer
  3. only external,

    i suppose that its because shared ram,i doubt all 3 gb are being in use.

    Can shared amount be possibly locked?

    Would adding additional 3 gb of ram would increase performance?

    i checked on GPUz, it says:

    Memory size: 32mb

    dedicated 58 (not constant)
    dynamic 139 (not constant)

    Notice, the bios is quite poor, i cant select there anything apart boot priorities, passwords, thats all.
  4. intel integrated graphics is not meant for gaming but for power points lol
  5. i know its not for gaming (where you saw i wrote its for gaming?), but its not gaming case, for even casual using NOT GAMES BUT BROWSING WEBSITES the performance is quite slow when connected to higher resolution external display
  6. Try increasing the memory allocated to the GPU or disabling hardware acceleration.
  7. but thats the thing, i cant, i cant change it in bios, cant change in GPU settings
  8. There's nothing you can do. You have an old, very weak integrated graphics chip, and it can't cut the mustard even for browsing at the higher resolution.
  9. If you upgrade your ram, you will see better performance. I suggest 2*4GB 1600mhz sticks.
  10. Don't add ram. That won't do anything here. The problem is you have a really weak gpu.
  11. Don't add ram. That won't do anything here. The problem is you have a really weak gpu.
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