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I am searching for my next laptop for college which have
1.Capacity to handle 2 to 4 operating systems because I am using Win. 7 & Win. 8 and want to install OS X in my next laptop.
2.Run Smooth with AutoCAD and other Softwares.
3.Have high Graphics which can handle Battlefield-3 like games easily.

Cost $1 to $3K is OK.
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  1. You plan to make a hackintosh? If so, I'd suggest the Sager Np9170. I own one, it's a great piece hardware.

    Also, do you want to dual boot, or run these other OS's as VMs

    Choose these components:
    i7 3630qm
    8 GB of DDR3 1600 MHZ <-(If VMs, double it)
    GPU: GTX 675MX or 7970M
    HDD take as much hard drive.
    Approximately $1600, then you can spend the rest of the cash on a desktop.
    It will run about 3 hours on battery life with non-demanding tasks.
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