Lenovo g550 white screen but works perfectly for a while

I have a Lenovo G550 and the issue is that when I start the laptop I see a white screen but moving the screen up and down causes the laptop to function perfectly for a while. The laptop functions perfectly for while but freezes from time to time. Also, when connected to an external monitor these issues dont exist.

As the laptop screen works fine (typing this on the laptop in question) for a while it probably is not the screen, could it be the inverter, or the connection to the motherboard? I need some advice before opening this up.

Thanks in advance
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  1. The white screen is a sign of a bad connection, or failing screen. Video signal is not reaching it's destination.

    If moving the screen sometimes corrects the problem, my first guess would be a poor connection at either end of the video cable, or bad video cable (usually around the hinge).

    If your doing the work yourself, always make sure it's unplugged, battery removed, and power is drained (hold down power button). Unplug connections and make sure they are plugged back in and well seated.

    I'm pretty sure that the screen in the G550 has an LED backlight. Inverters are only used with the older CCFL backlights. Besides, if it were, and the screen remains illuminated - the inverter would be working.
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