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my l4 co4 son presse some buttons on my laptop and no the bac pace , enter , e4 , delete key and others dont work and co#me up with different letters/number/actions1! please help! sorry about the errors!
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  1. So when you press certain keys it has a different function? Ex hitting the e key and an A gets typed out?
  2. letters seem fine so far abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. \
    0 < that was enter. 4 <that was backspace. / <that was numlock. ]]] <that was right. up and down not reacting. left not reacting : < that highlighted everythig. :(
  3. Sometimes the region and location settings on the computer change how the keyboard works. Like a UK setting will make certain keys work different ones compared to the US settings. Type in region and language in your start menu search bar. Then go to Keyboard and Languages. Click Change keyboard. Make sure the Default input language is set to English (US). Also check the format and location tabs to make sure both are set to US
  4. they seem fine\
    but still have the problem
  5. Thats weird then.. faulty keyboard?.. usually the language settings are what throw the keyboard out of whack. I've had to switch one from UK to US because a lady that booted her computer up for the first time set her's language and location to English but the UK not US settings. Made her keyboard go out of whack, like what yours is doing
  6. ]] gosh this is annoying! i have no iea what to do
  7. Hi :)

    Are you sure he didn't spill some liquid on the keyboard.... this sounds much like the results of that... and it means new keyboard...

    All the best Brett :)
  8. One way to test is if you have a wireless keyboard or USB keyboard. Plug it up and if it works like normal its the keyboard itself. If it behaves like the normal one, some settings are messed up
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