Asus R503URH21 vs. Gateway NE56R47u

I've narrowed my below $300 laptop search to these two laptops:


ASUS advantage:

1920x1080 Display vs. The 1366x768 display on the Gateway.


Gateway has a 750gb harddrive vs the Asus 500gb harddrive.

Which laptop is the overall better on to get?
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  1. On the Asus, everywhere else that sells it has the display as the same as the Gateway, I would not expect a 1080 screen at this price point. The pentium is a better processor(gateway), the Asus has better graphics(AMD's). thought at this price/performance point, you barely notice either.

    I'd prefer the Asus name over Gateway.

  2. So you're saying that they may have mis-labelled it and/or are false-advertising for the 1080p screen?
  3. And since this is mostly for college work and home entertainment, I think getting the Gateway will be the better choice because harddrive. Also, the graphics on the AMD aren't that much better right?
  4. Probably mislabeled, some copy writer saw 'HD' & wrote down 1080.
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