Reccomend a card plz

Was hoping someone would reccomend a card for me. Here are my requirements. Buying in 12days... around 150-200 dollars. Want video out to my tv from my dvd player. I play a lot of games. Interested in video capture, but not against just buying a capture card for that, doesn't have to be integrated. This will be going in my first homebuild system.
1.4 Athlon 266
ECS K7s5a SiS735 chipset
60gig IBM 7200rpm 60gxp
512mb Crucial 2.5 DDR
Pioneer 16x DVD
HP 9100 cd-r

Every thing else is here, only thing I need to buy is the vid card. I look fwd to your suggestions.
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  1. Radeon 64MB VIVO (stands for Video In Video Out). The recent Retail packages (for several months) have been a second revision that has 5ns memory with a higher stock clock, and can accept higher frequencies should you choose to overclock it.

    Back to you Tom...
  2. the new radeon 7500 will be about $200.

    stand up join us modern crusaders alive
  3. If you just want DVD-out, then any VIVO card will do. If you also want to be able to record TV programs and transfer from VCR to CD, I would recommend the ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 32 Meg card. It's got decent 3D acelleration, a hardware DVD decoder, TV in, TV out, s-video/composite/etc and also has very good bundled software.

    But like I said, if you just want DVD out then any VIVO card will do. You can get VIVO cards for most major chipsets, including GF2, GF3, Radeon, etc.

    There's also the Real Hollywood DVD card, but I haven't looked into that yet. It provides just DVD decoding and works in conjunction with your video card. With this card you can get any kick-a$$ video card and use the Real Hollywood DVD card just for DVD. Then later on when you upgrade your video card you don't have to worry about finding one with VIVO, as you can keep using your Real Hollywood card.
  4. hey is that ECS board?
    i am thinking about getting one...but i would like some input...
    have you even gotten a chance to try it out?
    oh yeah....get a nice video card...ONE OF YOUR CHOICE...but one with tv-out i would suppose...
    and then get a nice tv card...
    then you can upgrade video in the future, without having to worry about buying the expensive integrated cards...
    but i think that a radeon vivo might be good..
    i have never used one, but it could be good because it has video in and out....and has hardware dvd decoding..
    it should work good.
    good luck!


    -Vacuums suck...really...-
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