Best card for under 100?

I was wondering what the best card for under 100 would be? I mostly want to play games such as unreal and max payne and i want a card that will keep up with these. It doesn't have to blow these games out of the water just keep up with the framerate at a decent resolution. TV in/Out would be nice but is not a neccesity.
I am running
ECS K7S5A 1.4 g athlon 256 DDR
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  1. With a system like that, Y r u so darn stingy on the graphics card?

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  2. I have a similar system 1.4Ghz athlon 512mb ddr-ram msi kt7 raid board. I use a tornado geforce2 mx400 currently..its good enough.
    Personally I wouldnt spend anymore money on a graphics card as I am waiting for Radeon 8500. an mx400 will do quite nicely for now or a Geforce2gts if you hunt around ie auctions.

    Best of luck

  3. The Ge2 GTS is the best card to buy for under 100 bucks, and you can get video out with that too. I would seriously suggest waiting just one or two weeks more until the new offerings from Nvidia and ATI are out. There should be price cuts all over the place, although less so for the lower end cards.

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