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Need Ultrabook for $500

Core i3
SSD needed
13''/14'' screen
Minimus 4GB RAM
Minimum Battery backup of 3hrs (more is better)
Used for Business
USB 3.0 needed

This is what i found-
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  1. OK. What is the question?
  2. Google up one :).
  3. jsc said:
    OK. What is the question?

    i need an ultrabook worth $500 which has the following features:

    1.Core i3 Processor
    3.Thin and Light
    4.13''/14'' screen
    5.Minimun 4GB RAM
    6.Minimum Battery backup of 3hrs (more is better)
    7.Useful for Business
    8.With USB 3.0

    i was on my phone so i couldnt write a loooong question
  4. Google up one :).
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    The thing is a SSD is a pretty expensive component much like the CPU and LCD panel. For such a low price point you are not going to get an ultrabook with a "pure" SSD. You are going to get a HDD / SSD hybrid.

    I would probably go with the following 13.3" Lenovo IdeaPad U310 for $540. It has a HDD/SSD hybrid and weighs in at 3.7lbs.

    Here's a review:,2817,2407200,00.asp

    Apparently, the reviewer complained about only having about a 7 hour battery compared to nearly 10 hours for the Dell XPS 14; price ranges from $950 to almost $1400 or $1500.

    If you want a "real SSD", then you are going to have increase your budget. It seems that ultrabooks equipped with 128GB SSDs starts at $850+. Part of that price increase is due to having an i5 CPU and possibly a backlit keyboard.

    Therefore, you either need to bite the bullet and increase your budget or accept a HDD/SSD hybrid at a price closer to your budget like the Lenovo above.
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