Laptop charging and not charging intermittently

Hi, My laptop when plugged in is charging for a few seconds then not (as if i had unplugged the charger) then a few seconds later it charges again, and this repeats constantly. I have previously had this issue about 4 months ago and I returned it to acer as it was under warranty. They sent it back to me having told me they had replaced the charger (I new this wasn't the case as i had tried buying a new charger and battery. Anyway I am now once again having this issue so does anyone know what might be wrong and how i could fix it? as my laptop is no longer in warrenty
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  1. Hi :)

    Test the charger with a VOLTMETER... or RMA it to Acer...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Did you buy a genuine replacement adapter or a compatible one. I had problems with charging as well. Bought a compatible adapter and battery.
    Still had the same problem. 3/4 days ago I took out the new compatible adapter plugged in the old one and the charging has been fine ever since.
    I compared the 2 adapters although most of the numbers were identical there was a slight difference.
    original adapter read - input 100-240v - 1.7A 50-60hz output 19v -3.42A 65w
    new compatible read - input 100 - 240v - 0.9A 50/60hz output 19v - 3.42A 65w

    pretty sure the difference between the original and the compatible 0.9A was the issue. Had no problems since and the compatible battery is working a treat.
    I had even checked the dc jack in the laptop and it was fine. Also the colour of the jack [mine is yellow] some are blue is to be the same.
    so check that the compatible adapter is EXACTLY numbered the same as your original one. It'll save you a bit of money.
    worth a try, it worked for me after weeks of frustration and fiddling.
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  3. If you want purchased laptop, check everything for example Charger, battery, hard-disk , ram, processor..
  4. good,check everything for example Charger, battery, hard-disk , ram, processor..
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