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Hi gurus.
Please someone help. I am trying to join a windows 7 computer to a samba domain but keep getting an error that the domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. I am running samba version 3.0.28-0.el5.8. I dont have a problem joining windows xp machines to the domain.

josiah njuki
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  1. Is this a Windows 7 "Home" version (they can't join domains) or a "Professional" one?
  2. Can't you just "Map a Network Drive" and connect to the SAMBA share?

    Running FreeNAS for my home LAN with CIF/SMB services running and was able to connect my Win7 machine to the share with no issues by mapping the network drive. But then again I am also using Win7 Professional, but still don't see why the Home version would not allow you to map a network drive.
  3. Thanks chunkymonster for your response. I have the option of mapping the network drives manually bu the samba server is also acting as the domain controller so there is need to have the win7 machine join the domain. On the same note, if I map the drives manually, the network drives appears with a red X when I first log in. When I open them, the red x disappears and no problem accessing the files. I know the problem is purely aesthetic but I just want to do away with the red marks

    Thanks> Josiah
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