Laptop Sony Vaio VPCEG Sound Problems

Hello guys, I have my laptop Sony vaio VPCEG for around 2 years and recently the speaker stopped working, if I plug in a headphones or earplug or anything in it, you can hear sound coming out, but when i disconnected it there is no sound. I tried uninstalling and installing the drivers, updated the drivers and plug in and plug out my ear plugs many times to try to fix it and nothing.
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  1. I've seen this before when the tip of a headphone jack broke off inside the socket. The computer thinks there are headphones always plugged in, so it bypasses the internal speakers. Try this:

    Control Panel > Sound > Playback tab

    Set your internal speakers as default by right clicking on them and selecting default.

    Or you can also find the headphones right click on those and choose disable.

    OR you could do both ;)
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