I have problem with my acer laptop

My laptop is ACER- Aspire 7741-6802 Working on Windows 7
I spilled water, and now my Key board is acting weired
I cannot even log on to the system, as it asks password and I cannot ut in password because keyboard does not work
Asks for password reset disk, that I do not have
Can I have additional keyboard to access the contents of my C drive
Anyway that I can work it out ???


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  1. plug in a usb keyboard and use it.
  2. What tripledouce said.

    Typically they will dry out and work just fine again in a couple days time. If this is not the case then you will need to find a computer repair shop and have them take a look at the internals as the water may have caused a short circuit.

    Personally I've spilled stuff on my notebooks a handful of times (coffee, juice) and never had much of a problem other than sticky keys which can be remedied by removing them and soaking them in paint thinner or cleaning by hand.

    For now, use an external USB keyboard - I have a portable wireless desktop setup by Microsoft that uses a single USB adapter about a half inch in length for both the mouse and keyboard. I carry them in my bag with my notebook. I'd recommend something along those lines if you absolutely need the portability. If you're using it on a desk at home 90% of the time I'm sure you could make do with a cheaper, wired, USB keyboard.
  3. Hi :)

    The problem we see in my lappy repair shops with WATER in particular , is long term RUST...

    Eventually it will cause Motherboard failure...

    For the benefit of anyone else reading this...

    THIS is what you do if you have a liquid spillage....

    FIRST... turn laptop into an A position then mop out any excess you can get at

    NEXT ...put it in an airing cupboard or on a radiator (on a board so it doesn't melt the plastics)

    IN THE SAME >> A << position

    FOR 48 HOURS...

    Then try it again...

    All the best Brett :)
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