AGP Aperture Size?

I just purchased a power color geforce 3. In quake 3 with all settings on max at 1152x864 I get about 80 fps in the timedemo. But when I go into my bios and change the AGP Aperture Size from 64m to 256m i get 118 fps in the q3 timedemo. But, when I try to run the Nvidia demos that came with the card, the screen is just a bunch of colors and I have to restart. I have tryed it with half life, q3, and ut, and so far the only things that crash at a 256 aperture size are the demos. What exactly is the aperture size, and what does it do?

PS, does anyone know any tweaks for the geforce 3? I have a 1.4 ghz athlon tbird, Power Color geforce 3, 512m ddr ram, 60 gig 7200rpm ibm deskstar, and in 3dmark 2001 I get a 5500 score with a 64m aperture size at 1024x768 (havnt tryed it with a 256 aperture)
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  1. the agp aperature is supposed to be set to double your video cards ram. SO if you have 64 megs of ram on your geforce3 your aperature should be 128.
  2. But what is it aperture?
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