Can't Partition Striped SATA HD's for Win98SE!

Athlon 2500XP (Barton)
Asus A78NX Deluxe Ver2.0
2xSeagate 7200rpm SATA 80Gb set up as a single 160Gb striped array using onboard utility at startup.
TwinMos Dual Channel Kit 512Mb PC3200

And hopefully Win98SE!!!
Fdisk doesn't like my striped drives? Only registers about 21Gig or so? Then the Win98SE Setup freezes just after checking the system.
How can I get the Hard drives fully partitioned?

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  1. i dont know how you would install 98 on a sata drive. maybe if you made a custom boot disk to install the sata controler drivers. if you have access to windows 2000 it will be a much smaller headache. cs game server -
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