NVidia Geforce3 vs ATI Radeon 8500

Which one would you choose? I 've read that normally ATI should be better but their drivers aren't good enough. Will the Radeon 8500 be better then Geforce3 when there are new drivers?
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  1. We honestly don't know yet, and the only thing any of us can offer is speculation. As to ATI and drivers, they do have a pretty notorious track record for not doing the best they can with what they got (The Rage 128 being the prime, horrific example). It also depends on whether the 8500's features appeal to you more - like Truform. For some people, Truform will be THE reason to buy the 8500 over the Geforce3. However, if the Radeon can't pull out superior framerate performance across the board, then most hardcore gamers will still opt for the Geforce3. If ATI makes drivers as fabulous as Nvidia does, then I would think the 8500 could thwomp the Geforce3 and maybe even the Geforce 3 Ultra. They keep saying they're finally going to get it right this time, and they finally have the chance to bring a product that could be superior than Nvidia's current flagship. They can't afford to lose this opportunity :D

    After all, Nvidia's brand spanking new product is probably only a few months away.

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  2. SerArthurDayne another zealot post, Look at the Radeon 8500 alittle too. ATi promised it would faster then the Geforce 3 with Det 4 drivers. Its clocked around 275/275 to give it some more horsepower. Well the Radeon 7500 has reveiws coming out now and it looks better then the Geforce 2 pro.

    SerArthurDayne did you buy your GF3 first day at $500.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  3. haha I got my geforce 3 the same week they came out, only paid $335, and shipping was free from Gateway country store (special rebate)
  4. Nope. I forget where, but I saw a review, and the GeForce3 just kicked the Radeon 8500 all over the mobo.

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  5. Wait there are reviews of the 7500 already? Where- and I don't want previews.

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  6. rcf84, did you just call me a zealot?!!!!!!

    That's the pot calling the kettle black!

    You have been the ultimate Intel/ATI troll for many weeks now. You make baseless claims about the performance of video cards and motherboards that aren't available yet, you don't provide any kind of link proof to said claims, and you constantly badmouth AMD and Nvidia.

    I think I was perfectly fair to ATI in my post. There was no zealotry to be found anywhere.... I have already stated in the past that I am interested in what the Radeon 8500 has to offer, and by god, if the Radeon 8500 actually beats the Geforce3 in the battle of framerates, then it will likely be my next video card. However, unlike you, I don't automatically believe everything ATI says. I will believe they have a superior product when they PROVE they have a friggin' superior product. Until then, the Geforce3 remains the fastest proven video card on the market.

    and btw, I don't own a Geforce3 - I have a Ge2 GTS that has been a wonderful performer overclocked at 220/390 for the past 9 months. I buy a new video card every other generation - if I decide I want a video card soon, then which one I get will depend on whether the 8500 beats the Ge3. If I decide I can wait until the spring, then I'll wait to see what Nvidia's next offering will be.

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  7. Rcf his post was NO WHERE NEAR zelotry. Calm down he was perfectly fair to ati, wait for final benchmarks of the 8500, with nothing diasbled, there is nothing to back up any claims of superiority yet.

    I do find it ironic you called him a zealot though, seeing as the way you have been acting lately, calm down dude. Dont lose respect over a videocard man, it just is not worth it.

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  8. IMO, the 8500 is the better choice.
    From the reviews I saw, the GeForce 3 wasn't to far in front of the 8500 when the 8500 was running at 250Mhz, so I would have to assume that they perform almost on par with the 8500 coming out at 275Mhz.
    Also, ATI has had some more time to work on their driver, so that may improve performance (although this remains to be seen).
    The 8500 has better features, and finally, it's cheaper.
    Assuming (and it is an assumption) that the 8500 is as fast if not faster than the GeForce 3 upon release, it’s the better choice.

    That said, I’d wait for some reviews before pre-ordering one.

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  9. The stock Geforce 3 core speed is 200mhz, not 250.
  10. I meant the Radeon was running at 250Mhz, it's just badly phrased.

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  11. Question

    Rv7500 core clock 290mghz vs 275mghz for R8500.

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  12. I believe 7500=updated Radeon (original) on a smaller die process and a few added features. It needs the extra clock speed to maintain "acceptable" framerates when compared to newer cards.

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  13. How many mhz the core runs at does not matter when comparing two seperate core designs, just like the tbird and p4 cannot be compared by clockspeed alone.

    Saying the radeon8500 is better because its core runs at 250, while the gf3 only runs at 200, is as bad as saying a p41.5 can beat an athlon 1.4 because its 100mhz faster!

    (not you crash, this was to the whole thread)

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  14. The thing that makes the Radeon 8500 potentially faster than a GeForce3 is that it has 4 pipelines, not 2 like the Radeon 7500. Those 4 pipelines should make it very competitive with the GeForce3. Plus, it has far more bandwidth than the GeForce3. With HyperZ 2 it potentially has the equavalent of 12GB of bandwidth.

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  15. The gf3 crossbar memory controler gives about the same benifit as the hyper z, however memory bendwidth isnt the bottleneck for the gf3(or the radeon8500 im imagining) as you can see when you overclock the core of a gf3 you gain more than when you overclock the memory, exactly the opposite of the gf2 and radeon.

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  16. I will choose Geforce 3

    why choose "good" when you can choose "best"?

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  17. I was just saying that the older design of the 7500 needed a greater clock speed than the newer 8500 in order to keep up with newer cards in it's price range, such as the soon to be released cheap version of the GF3.

    Back to you Tom...
  18. Wow, that stunning logic blew me out of the water.

    I'm still looking at the 8500 over the Ti 500 (I have no loyalties to either camp, I just go where there is the best deal for a card that's good enough for me...or whoever has the best card overall, depending on what I can buy).
    We've seen the final Ti 500, but not the final 8500, and the 8500 is priced around $100 less. I wouldn't mind having 750 fewer 3DMarks (remember the CPU difference, 8500 chip revision, drivers, etc), for $100 or more less.

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  19. If anyone is a zealot, you would be it. Sheesh...

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