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Last response: in PC Gaming
December 5, 2002 4:44:42 AM

Ive been playing Q3 Arena for about 3 years now..I went from a Ball mouse to Optical..For the last year Ive been useing optical mice...First a Logitec,then a Microsoft which im useing now..After a few weeks,,,it seems thay start to slow down and get slugish..Pointers get eratic,and hard to control...I have a good systom,and I play a good game..Yes i play On Gamespy,,Yes i know it can be a lot of things..Operating Systom,Well you know..I know this is a game forum,,,But I think this is the right place...Seems not to many People want to help..Its like a secret to give out info on game play.I know 98se is slower Than the new ones..If any one out there can help,or suggest,,Thanks

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December 5, 2002 5:19:13 AM

that's strange ,i've been using one of those cheap Lazer optical mouse for about a year now and it works great. i'm using win98se as well.
have u tried updating your mouse driver? or maybe it's because the mousing surface isn't clean. perhaps there are 2 much dirt on the lens. so clean the mouse lens, the surface on which you use your mouse and update the mouse driver. maybe that helps
December 5, 2002 5:53:53 AM

Is it wireless? Also, optical can be slower depending on the amount of LEDs. Personaly I like Trackballs for gaming, much better control and no sliding around.

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December 5, 2002 9:42:24 PM

I use a cheap Logitech optical mouse, and Windows 98 and it works well for me. As that other guy mentioned, check for dirt or lint on the mouse surface. I can't think of what else could be causing such a problem.
December 6, 2002 12:00:59 AM

Well I always clean the lenses every so often,,as well as the pad...Ive also in the past switching to USB on both of the Optical mice..Same thing happend after a while..Ill try updating the driver....Ill keep you posted......Thanks
December 6, 2002 2:20:45 PM

I never clean my mouse and don't use a pad...been working fine for a couple years.

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December 7, 2002 1:46:46 AM

ye.. maybe clean the lens every 6 month or 1 year or so. but maybe regular cleaning will screw it up.
December 7, 2002 2:01:51 PM

My Iogear optical mouse is horrible in Quake III. Doen't seem to respond well to my mouse's movement. Then when I switch over to Unreal Tournament 2003, everything's OK. ???

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