Ive been playing Q3 Arena for about 3 years now..I went from a Ball mouse to Optical..For the last year Ive been useing optical mice...First a Logitec,then a Microsoft which im useing now..After a few weeks,,,it seems thay start to slow down and get slugish..Pointers get eratic,and hard to control...I have a good systom,and I play a good game..Yes i play On Gamespy,,Yes i know it can be a lot of things..Operating Systom,Well you know..I know this is a game forum,,,But I think this is the right place...Seems not to many People want to help..Its like a secret to give out info on game play.I know 98se is slower Than the new ones..If any one out there can help,or suggest,,Thanks
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  1. that's strange ,i've been using one of those cheap Lazer optical mouse for about a year now and it works great. i'm using win98se as well.
    have u tried updating your mouse driver? or maybe it's because the mousing surface isn't clean. perhaps there are 2 much dirt on the lens. so clean the mouse lens, the surface on which you use your mouse and update the mouse driver. maybe that helps
  2. Is it wireless? Also, optical can be slower depending on the amount of LEDs. Personaly I like Trackballs for gaming, much better control and no sliding around.

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  3. I use a cheap Logitech optical mouse, and Windows 98 and it works well for me. As that other guy mentioned, check for dirt or lint on the mouse surface. I can't think of what else could be causing such a problem.
  4. Well I always clean the lenses every so often,,as well as the pad...Ive also in the past switching to USB on both of the Optical mice..Same thing happend after a while..Ill try updating the driver....Ill keep you posted......Thanks
  5. I never clean my mouse and don't use a pad...been working fine for a couple years.

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  6. ye.. maybe clean the lens every 6 month or 1 year or so. but maybe regular cleaning will screw it up.
  7. My Iogear optical mouse is horrible in Quake III. Doen't seem to respond well to my mouse's movement. Then when I switch over to Unreal Tournament 2003, everything's OK. ???

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