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I am purchasing the vista home premium or ultimate this week, i am getting the oem version from newegg with the win 7 coupon. My question is will it solve vista memory usage issues, the windows 7 rc that i have is fast and runs efficiently, however in ancient times when i used the upgrade option from 98se to xp, it was kinda crappy had 98se problems and xp problems. I put the service packs on my cousins computer , and vista is still a bit of a resource hog, anyone in the know?
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  1. windows 7 retail runs smooth..less resource hungry than vista!!!!!!!!!!!
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    As you said yourself, the windows 7 you have is running efficiently and fast. As far as the upgrading goes, I would prefer to do a clean install rather than a software update.

    Seeing that they are doing a software update version of an upgrade, they most likely tested it and is making sure that it works.

    They really don't want another windows ME or vista sales period.
  3. Vista doesn't have memory issues... Vista honestly reports it's RAM usage, where XP tended to stretch the truth a bit. Yes Vista uses RAM more aggressively than XP... but if more RAM is needed, Vista will free up it's cache and make more RAM available for use. Just because your OS uses the RAM that's available to it, doesn't mean it's a memory hog. What's the use of having 4GB of RAM just to sit there and see that 2GB+ is never used?
  4. 32 bit and 64 bit vista run great also!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If you read some of the reviews on Vista vs Windows 7 there isn't much of a difference with memory usage. I have them both and I don't see much of a difference in memory usage. Windows 7 does tend to multitask better then Vista does because of their updates. Windows 7 is really Vista Second Edition, there is not going to be massive improvements.
  6. i have both also,both run smooth,vista is a nice 7 is vista with a few tweaks
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