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I had a new hard drive put into my son's Toshiba Satellite laptop and added more memory. I bought Windows 7 and installed it onto the laptop for him. In the device manager it has a question mark under Mass Storage Controller and I have tried unsuccessfully to find a driver that will load onto his machine. I can find lots of sites that want you to pay to fix the problem, but none that are free. Can anyone help. He says his computer keeps freezing and I have reloaded Windows 7 and it has not frozen since. I really need to sort the problem of the Mass Storage Controller though. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. When you install the Win 7 OS, Windows 7 system drivers need to be installed for the the system's hardware (Mass Storage Controller) to work. Try the computer's online download/homepage. Look for any Windows 7 system drivers, specifically chipset drivers, that apply and download and install them. More information regarding the exact specifications or model number of the system would be helpful. If Windows 7 drivers are not available online, try Vista drivers as they work in many instances with Windows 7.
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