Can't boot correctly or resume from sleep Compaq laptop, blinking caps

Hi everyone, I'd like to know if there's a way to fix this weird problem, my laptop can't usually boot correctly (it shows the CPU blinking caps error code), and after reseting 4 times or so it boots successfully and it works great after that (never saw a BSOD or hang or anything). I can't also resume the laptop from sleep, it shows the same blinking error code.

I had the same problem like 3 months ago, I replaced the CPU with a new one and it worked without a hassle until now. (The reseting trick didn't work back then, so I guess it's a different problem now). Also since then the laptop never overheated, my CPU is always underclocked at 25% using the Maximum Processor State setting in Windows (it probably isn't underclocked at 25%, more likely at 50% or so, but I can certainly feel the difference because it never got really hot, the CPU reports a temperature of 110F/48C under normal use, and it always feels cool to the touch).

I mean, although the laptop works once I get it to boot, not only it's annoying but also I don't know how long it is gonna work doing like 5 resets every single day.

I've tried the arrow keys trick, pressing the power button without the battery or AC connection, I have also reset the BIOS, it booted correctly the first time (it asked to reset the BIOS settings to default), but afterwards it showed the same behavior.

Please don't waste your time telling me to buy a new motherboard and/or CPU, that would be impractical because it's way more convenient to buy a new laptop in that case.

Thank you very much.
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  1. Something is probably failing on your motherboard. Unfortunately, when most hardware is failing, it will work occasionally until it fails completely, then it will stop working all together.

    It may help to make sure that the fan & heatsink are clear of dust, but from what you describe it isn't running hot. Dust can build up on the inside of the heatsink out of sight. It will accumulate much faster if you have pets or smoke.

    Stick a straitened paperclip into the slots where the fan is located so it doesn't spin, and blow into the exhaust with some compressed air. If there's any dust, you'll see it get expelled.
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