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Hey :sarcastic: My brother has downloaded Steam Software for Acer Aspire laptop in order to play computer games. It did not work at first but brought it too computer shop and fixed it. However since it started working the speed of our internet connection on the laptop has reduced dramatically. It now takes ages to connect to Internet sites and to Download Music, Videos etc. Our internet is powered by WiFi and the other computers in the house are running at full speed so it does not seem to be a connection problem. On Steam forum there was a suggestion that Steam uses up more space on Windows 7, which the Acer uses and i may need to upgrade the harddrive. The Acer has 6GB of RAM so is not massively powerful. My thinking is the Steam software is slowing the connection down but i do not know how to fix it. May bring it back to computer shop but if it is fixable any advice would be welcome. Thanks ;) :pt1cable:
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  1. Steam likes to set itself to run automatically at startup. I would try disabling it so it doesn't start automatically with windows and see if that solves your problem.

    Steam will still be on your computer, you'll just have to click on it to run in the future.
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