Asus K7M and GeForce2MX incompatible?

I have an ASUS K7M with Athlon 700, 512MB SDRAM, 250W Power Supply, Plextor CD-RW, SMC LAN card, CD-R, sound, etc.

I recently bought a Gainward GeForce2 MX400 64MB video card and upon installing it and the drivers I am getting
video lockup.
I recall some talk about the K7M not playing nice with the GeForce card when they had came out (and the K7M was fairly new)
Anyone aware of K7M and GeForce card incompatabilities.
Apparently this is still the case.

Is there a work around for the cards to function properly?
Am I needing a newer BIOS for the MB or do I need a new MB?

Anyone have a clue?

I do not get any tones on bootup and it runs fine until it
goes into Win98SE and starts to load everything. It hangs
and will not relinquish without a hard reset/power cycle.


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  1. I also have a K7M, and I'm using a VisionTek GeForce2 MX400 64MB card. I have had texture problems in Anarchy-Online, and slowdowns in Diablo2. I just installed WinXP, and it locked up on me and left dots all over the screen.

    I'm not at home right now, but these are the things I plan on trying to fix the problem:

    Disable Video BIOS Shadowing in BIOS
    Make sure the vid card has it's own IRQ (11 reccomened)
    Play with AGP aperature size
    Play with AGP 2x/4x modes -- K7M only supports 2x...hmmm
    Install VIA 4-in-1 4.25 or better
    Install AMD AGP miniport driver
    Flash the vid card's bios (I can't find one from visiontek)
    Flash the mother board's bios

    If you've already solved your problem, I would love to know what you did. I'll try to post a follow up if I get mine working...

    - Sandain
  2. After messing around with the card some more I have been
    able to get past the lockup problem.
    I ended up uninstalling the drivers for the ATI Rage Fury Pro 32MB card and configuring for a VGA 640X480 16 color
    resolution. Installed the new card. Windows was not successful with auto install. I installed the Expertools
    drivers and that didn't work.

    I went into the System and Device Drivers out of the
    control panel and deleted all Display devices.
    On reboot when the driver tool for Win98SE came up
    I manually specified the CD for the drivers.
    In my case the Nvidia\Win9xME to find the driver.
    It then booted up clean and works great.
    Haven't acid tested it out but it is running Windows
    and Unreal Tournament just fine.
  3. sounds like you had simultaneous drivers installed. Always be sure to change your display adapter driver to "standard PCI adapter (VGA)" then boot in safe mode and uninstall any previous video driving software using add/remove programs. then boot in normal mode and install the new stuff.

    itz a pain in the azz and not always necessary, but it is a way to avoid lots of potential problems.
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