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Acer 5230E power port does not charge battery

My acer extensa 5230E power port is not working. I bougt a new adapte to install but I can not figure out how to remove and replace the old one.
I need axact instructions on how to do this. I am an eletronic tech so I can do this.
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    Hi :)

    You have to Strip the laptop completely, remove the motherboard, desolder the old charging socket and replace with an IDENTICAL one (from a reputable laptop parts supplier). it MUST be identical, down to the last figure of the part number..

    Then after re-soldering the new one you replace the motherboard and hope you got it right....

    If you are not confident of stripping a lappy completely then take it to a Laptop repair shop... but its expensive...

    My laptop repair company in the UK as an example charges £109.80 ....that's £9.80 for the socket and 2 hours labour = £100... so not cheap...

    All the best Brett :)
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