CLEVO/Sager W870CU Screen Replacement

I have a Clevo/Sager laptop and was wondering if there is a trusted source to purchase an LCD replacement...

Would it be wiser to replace the entire bare bone? I'm really happy with the parts so far... Its running a 6970M and the Q820 processor without any hiccups (as far as the games I play now go)

Would the mother board and components fit into another laptop case? I have years of experience building PC's, but this would be my only laptop.

I mean if the price difference is going to be 50$ I wouldn't mind replacing the entire shell...

But, All i really need changed is the LCD screen itself.

Thanks for the help in Advance!
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  1. Hi :)

    Changing the shell is a VERY bad idea lol..too much work and it probably will NEVER start

    I own a lappy repair company by the way..

    The ONE trick to changing/buying a screen is this...

    On the back of your current screen are a couple or one, WHITE STICKER...

    You MUST get a screen with the IDENTICAL NUMBERS/LETTERS on its white sticker...not ONE letter or number different...

    NO ...oh but sir this is a generic screen and it will work fine rubbish... take my word it wont...


    All the best Brett :)
  2. Mine isn't Broken yet, it works fine. I get a line that goes away. I know eventually it'll stick around for good and want to have a screen handy so I don't have to put up with it longer than I have to.

    I still am not sure where I can purchase a replacement screen. I mean worst case scenario I will have to run the laptop as a stationary work station (which to be honest this damn thing only lasts about an hour on its battery anyway! Lol) and use a regular separate LCD monitor. I'd prefer not to do that though for the sake of convenience.

    Thanks for viewing my thread
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