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nVIDIA refresh rate fix and gf3 Ti 200

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a b U Graphics card
October 9, 2001 6:01:16 AM

I just installed a geforce3 Titanium 200 last night. I am using the latest drivers. The thing that confuses me is that I was running a gf2 mx400 before and I had to use the "refresh rate fix" for nvidia cards as do many others for certain games (because the refresh rate sticks at 60hz sometimes). Well.. this new card did the same (the sticking at 60hz) so I went and got the refresh rate fix and ran it. At the end of the install I get an error... "Could not read your display adapter setup information". I'd love to be able to give some frame rates and such, but it maxes at 90 since (no matter the resolution) the refresh rate switched to 60hz whenever I start a game. I hope someone here can help because I REALLY love the display qualities of this card. I have never seen anything like it. All my games seem brand new all over again :)  Thanks in advance
a b U Graphics card
October 10, 2001 3:13:08 AM

I just ordered a GeForce Ti200.... do you know how they compare to a traditional GeForce3? I never heard of em until my origional GeForce3 order was discontinued.
October 10, 2001 5:55:18 AM

a couple % slower, but a lot cheaper.

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October 10, 2001 6:35:39 AM

yeah, but it is just clocked slower, so you should be able to clock it to stock speeds, or above, you will just have to add a better heatsink that has a fan.
the ti, if you are into overclocking, or just want a capable, and affordable card, then i think it is a pretty good deal...
i think.
havent heard anything from people who have one yet.


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a b U Graphics card
October 10, 2001 5:16:32 PM

Where did you get the fix from? I've got a new GeForce 3 and I couldn't find anything about refresh rates on Nvidia's web site
a b U Graphics card
October 11, 2001 2:03:21 PM

Yeah, once I heard that its an underclocked GF3 I knew it was gonna be my first overclocking project. Just need ta get me a blorb and maybe some ram sinks too
October 11, 2001 10:08:05 PM

find someone who has the crystal orb, or the orange orb..
they work better than the blorb...
they are a revised version of the blorb...

they transfer and disipate heat much better...and not much more...


-Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
a b U Graphics card
October 12, 2001 1:02:47 AM

My original GF2 GTS and now my GF3 did the 60Hz thingy. Here's what I have done.

I go to my display properties, and in the adapter tab I select a fixed refresh rate, it seems like anything within the monitor limits but NOT 'optimal' works fine. (check what your monitor will do at your DESKTOP resolution and set it at or below that)

I don't know why this fixes things, but when I use the monitor menus it shows my rate up where it should be during games (3D apps.)

I didn't know there was a refresh fix out there, I just couldn't stand the flicker on my regular desktop (2D apps.)
a b U Graphics card
October 12, 2001 3:42:46 PM

i don't think this link will take you directly to the file but you should be able to find it from here...

<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

i had a similar problem with my geforce2 pro. without the "fix" i could select other refresh rates but they looked worse then when i just kept it at 60.

i don't think it is a perfect fix though. my monitor (and video card) support rates up to 95Hz at 1600x1200 but i can only get it to go to 85... much better then 60 though.

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October 12, 2001 6:07:32 PM

Thanks for the link...I was having problems in CS with that!

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