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Is the HP laptop good for work ?

It's an HP 2000-2b80dx, my moms birthday is coming up and i just need a decent laptop that will help her with her online work, and that also has decent speed and isn't terribly slow. And this laptop seems pretty decent for the price. But right now i just want a second opinion, remember this is just for work and also to stream videos occasionally. I have the link to the laptop if you need the specs. [...] &lp=2&cp=3 [...] /284623650

I'm on a tight budget so i can't go over 330 bucks.
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    Neither of your links work... "Sorry, the page you requested was not found." and The requested page does not exist..."

    Anyways, I purchased a bottom-of-the-barrel HP laptop (HP 2000-228CA) 3 years ago for school, it was $400 at the time - and I was told by the Best Buy guy to definitely get extra warranty because no doubt it will break in less than a year....I said no. The lap top still works perfectly and I've not treated it as well as I should have. So, I'd say whatever it is should be fine!
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