Aten cs-62u problem

Hi I have 2 HP pc's and a Samsung 40" LCD pc compatible

Both Pc's work fine but when I attach The ATEN CS-62U KVM Switcher
it works for about 30/90 seconds then the screen goes into into Weird mode

The colours get distorted, the screen becomes full of wavy coloured lines sometimes the screen goes into horizontal split and can not use either.

I can turn the screen off and then on again and it will be fine for a while then
will do exactly the same again. I have lowered the resolution but nothing seems
to fix this. I have changed keyboards/mice/ and cables. even returned to shop and
got a replacement but new one is just the same.
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  1. PC's work without switcher?
    Then switcher is bad.
    Are PC's set up for lcd display in device manager/
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