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I have one question. I want to make a bootable USB with Windows 7 for my laptop.My questions is, will it become bootable after i only use the Microsoft DVD/USB tool, or I additionally have to arrange settings from the command prompt? (DiskPart and stuff).Thank you :)
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  1. I don't think you can run win 7 off a thumb drive..
  2. You will have a bootable USB with windows 7, but it will only install windows on your HDD not run it from the USB.
  3. Use the MS tool and it does everything for you. Load the ISO, pick your USB drive and it will make it so it boots and you can install windows from the USB key or drive.
  4. I've already made two USB's with the OS and instelled it from them sucessfully. I was just concerned whether only the usb/dvd tool is enough or I have to do the Diskpart thing.Obviously only the tool is enough :)
  5. The tool does it all for you. You can do it manually if you're a sadist and copy over the bootsect and run nt52 and all those things or just run the tool. lol.
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