Asus N55s: Removing optical drive?

Can anybody tell me how i remove the optical drive from the Asus N55s?

I'm wanting to replace it with the original HD after swapping that out for a SSD.

Looked in the manual, and can't find where i take the optical caddy out (it's meant to be a screw you take out apparently).

Help appreciated.
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  1. Im sure theres some videos online. You will most likely have to take the computer apart.
  2. There are no videos on YouTube- that was the first thing i did - research and Google to see if anyone had put videos online and have found nothing. Hence posting this question.

    I'm aware i may need to take it apart- that's the question, how exactly do i access it?
  3. Hi :)

    Dont know that model but generally there are two places for that screw....

    BOTTOM middle

    TOP middle UNDER the keyboard...

    All the best Brett :)
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