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After downloading and installing the latest Detonator drivers for the Geforce 2 graphics Card (Winfast Geforce GTS2), the FPS dropped dramatically to about 1/3 of what it was before. I have reinstalled the drivers we had installed before the change but it is still slow. I have tried several different version of Detonator drivers, with no improvement. I am lost as what to try next. Everything in Bios looks OK ie AGP 4X etc.

Should I reload the Via 4 in 1 drivers.

In the Helicopter scene in 3Dmark 2000 i used to get the FPS always in the 100FPS area not it sits at about 35FPS.

Motherboard Asus V7A133
Drive Seagate 20GB 7200rpm
Cpu Athlon 1.3 Ghz

Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. The only problem you have is that you have a brand name graphics card and you cannot put nvidia drivers on it. All you have to do is reinstall your Winfast drivers and uninstall/delete the nvidia drivers. You might find winfast drivers on their website but im afraid i dont know what it is :(. Everything should be fine if you reinstall the winfast drivers:).
  2. yeah, but according to nvidia, the new detonator xp drivers are supposed to give up to 30% increase in performance on all cards that use an nvidia chip...
    i dont think that i noticed any inprovement...but then again, i am running on a crap system, and in agp 1x...
    that may explain mine..
    but i dont know about yours.
    i would suggest to get the detonator remover...cant remember what it is called...but i know that it removes them completely, and then you can reinstall the drivers that came with the card...because obviously those drivers worked better for you.
    and like stated before, i would go to the manufacturer's website, and see if you could get updated drivers for your card.
    i know that msi, the manufacturer of my card had a version of the detonator xp drivers.
    the work for my card...and i dont notice any decrease or increase of performance.
    good luck!


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  3. Dave, that is completely UNTRUE. All nvidia's drivers work on any nvidia based card from the TNT all the way up to the Geforce3. I get much better performance with Nvidia drivers on my Leadtek Winfast GTS than with the Winfast drivers, as is usually the case with any 'branded' card. The only benefit of using specific company drivers is that they will support other features of the card, such as TVout.

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  4. yeah, well i have tv-out, which is why i downloaded the msi drivers...
    but they are the 2181 at heart...that is their id number...
    and i am pretty sure that is the detonator xp drivers...
    i dont know how much msi reworks their drivers...
    but if that isnt that guys problem, then what could cause that?
    i think maybe if he just used the detonator remover, then he could do a fresh install of the detonator drivers..
    that might help..
    or maybe he could check the manufacturer for a bios update.
    something could help...
    i dont think this is hopeles..


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  5. Thanks for all your help.
    I found a site that has the Nvidia driver remover tool.
    Its at

    It has some really good instructions about installing and removal of Nvidia drivers, it emphasised the need to re-install the 4 in 1 driver set if you have a VIA chipset.

    So I downloaded the latest VIA 4 in 1 drivers and re-installed them. (mainly because I have tried everything else)
    Guess what? It is running perfectly again. I cant believe I spent about a week of stg around with the Nvidia drivers only to find that it was something else.

    I am not sure, but the latest Detonator XP drivers must have removed or changed the VIA AGP driver.

    Thanks for your help, I am HAPPY for alittle while longer.

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  6. What?? Kangaroos can't fly?? When I eat the purple magical mushrroms they do:)

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