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Hey. I dont know that much about computers, but i want to buy a gaming laptop, becouse i like gaming + a laptop is easier to move around since i ''live at the university at weeks'' (not sure how to explain since im finnish) and now ive found this laptop i like and its not that expensive.. Its called:

THOR Veor (Released 2013)

Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM - Ivy Bridge
17,3 Full-HD screen
8 GB RAM 1600MHz
GeForce® GTX 660M 2GB
i get 2 years warranty

Will i be able to run GTA IV on high settings without lag?

picture of it:
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  1. gta 4 is a bad port meaning its badly optimized for computers. you will be able to play it for sure..max settings...i dont know but dont be dissapointed thinking that laptop is slow as there are better games out there such as APB, Sleeping Dogs
  2. I currently have the original asus g73jh, and even though they have had some issues in their first production line... they should be great now. I would recommend the asus g75, they are probably the best priced for what they have internally. Also I feel that i should tell you that laptops will never be able to match a build desktop in gaming and their performance seems to depreciate a bit faster then desktops... the 17.3 inch laptops that your considering and that which I currently use on a day-to-day basis are also very large and heavy. They are a pain to bring to class every day, you will also have to buy a big carrying case (i bought one at slappa for $120), to carry it because they are not many cases that will fit such big laptops. I just want to make sure that you realize that before buying one. But if your alright with all the drawbacks and are ready to carry about an extra 10 pounds on your back (which included the power supply cord), then you will have a great performance laptop. Again I recommend the asus brand, especially the high end g75... they also usually come with a bagpack and gaming mouse, which are both very nice.
  3. okay, i forgot to mention it costs: 1467,57$
  4. ill consider that :) thanks!
  5. i can see what you mean.. i just wanna play lcpdfr :) looks so much fun!
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