Big Troubles with Powercolor Riva TNT2 m64 PCI 32m

This video card I purchased in Australia two months ago is behaving strangely..

It was working fine running on a PCCHIPS M747 BXPRO motherboard, Celeron 400 with 256 ram,dual monitor setup, running in conjunction with an onboard SIS 6326 8 mb AGP video card.

Now, last week, the RIVA TNT2 started to scroll verically and erratically and after a few boots it stopped responding altogether..the card does not display anything at boot up (screen is totally blank) and the monitor power light indicates there is no signal..BUT the card responds normally when tested in other systems. My monitors work with other video devices onboard or otherwise.
Moving card to a different PCI slot gets same result.
Windows 98SE does not report any errors when I have dual monitors and the SIS AGP and the TNT2 PCI running. The Nvidia control panel reports no errors..

Windows 98SE Device Manager says the card is there..

AMI bios reports the card is there..

Nvidia drivers etc says the card is there..

Multi-monitor screen in display properties says it's there..

I have tested,removed,twiddled,reset,rebooted,twiddled some more etc etc with three monitors, three video cards, voodoo2, tv tuner cards, drivers, BIOS and anything else I thought of and EVERYTHING works except for my new POWERCOLOR RIVA TNT2 m64 32 mb PCI video card.........

Can you help?
I returned the card to the place of purchase and it ran flawlessly when tested..It ran flawlessly when I tested it on my girlfriends system..

It's got me stumped...over to you.
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  1. Hi there! I had exactly the same card on a AMD K6-2 system at 400Mhz with 48RAM (m/b: SOYO 5VA2). That card almost drived me crazy!! From the first day i installed it, it didn't work properly! Sometimes it'd boot up normally, and everything worked fine (win98, gaming, control panel, etc...). BUT sometimes i had to toss a coin in order to figure out if it was going to boot up!! The screen was just blank, no signal from the card at all! The most weird was that sometimes it would boot up immediatetly by pressing the power button, sometimes by the 2nd, the 3rd...the 24th or even 105th time!!!!!!!I tried other monitors, systems...i got exactly the same results!
    ...well what i'm trying to say here is...GIVE BACK THE DAMN CARD...get your money back and try sth else!That's what i did :)
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