Windows 7 ultimate for 60$ ???

hi guys i know some guy in kuwait he told me he well give me the original serial of windows 7 ultimate 64 bit for 60 $ and he mentioned something that he is member of microsoft sdn or something like that and he have the original cd of windows 7 ultimate he well make a fresh coby of that cd and give me it could the original be more good or i can take that coby and use original serial with it because im tired of windows illegal versions i want to have that original cd and format my pc then installing original kasper sky internet security
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  1. It smells fishy to me, I bought my Win7 Ultimate from a reputable e-tailer, got the box with the MS key, and have had no problems. But it is your $60. You know reputable e-tailers sell the OEMs for ~$150, the upgrades for ~$200, and the retail for ~$300.
  2. i'm with treefrog, it sounds bad, and by sdn i think you meant msdn

    though why do you need ultimate, Home Premium is all most people need and it's $100 OEM
  3. Technet and MSDN product keys are licensed only to the original subscriber - it's against the terms of the license agreement to resell them to others.

    There have been posts here from people who've bought cheap license keys from sources like this and ended up with their systems deactivated after Microsoft discovered the scam and deactivated the keys.

    Buyer beware.
  4. Yes, sounds fishy. The only way to get a guaranteed genuine copy of Windows 7 is to purchase it from a reputable retailer (such as Best Buy) or from Microsoft directly. I fear if you purchase the Ultimate CD for $60 you will be throwing away $60 that you could be putting toward a genuine copy of Windows 7.

    If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you're interested in learning more about genuine Windows, visit

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  5. You might want to read the thread "CD-Key Blocked by Microsoft". At least then you'll only have yourself to blame for wasting $60.
  6. well guys i appreciate it thanks for awareing me for me i will cancel this purchase and i will stick up with my illegal version of windows until i buy original one but tell me is windows 7 home premuim is good enough for gaming because i heard that windows 7 ultimate and pro have something called xp mode could it be a waste for me
  7. ^Home Premium is what everyone needs. XP Mode is only really good for business use since its a virtual box for XP compatability.

    For gaming, Pro and Ultimate have nothing you or anyone needs.

    While I have Ultimate, its only because I got a great deal on a copy from MS themselves ($200 for a full version instead of upgrade or OEM).
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