Buying a laptop for university - little overwhelmed

I have no idea on where to begin.
There are so many different laptops out there.
I've always had a desktop computer, so I have no idea about laptop cpu's and gpu's and what to look for in the way of features.

I need a laptop for university, just for word processing and browsing the internet, steaming lectures etc
It needs to be light weight and and the battery life needs to be pretty good.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Since you only need for normal using for university there are tons of good ultrabooks/laptop out there. I am like you were going to Uni and my best advice? By a small/super lightweight laptop. I am carrying my 15.6" around and honestly its a burden.

    This is good, and its on sale at almost 50%

    I don't know what your budget is so I am going to list affordable price around $500-$800.
  2. Its also up to you, whether you are fine with carrying bigger laptops, or living in a dorm, so its all down to what you like.
  3. Wow, that zenbook you linked is the laptop I settled on not 20 minutes after posting this thread .
    Weird eh?
    Anyway, thanks for your help lol
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  5. Haha, yeah considering its 44% thats a pretty good deal.
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