Alienware m17x r2

I was playing a game on my AW, and about 15 minutes in the comp shut down. I didnt think anyting of it, so i turned it back on and of course the same thing happened. I started digging to see if i could figure something out. After running a graphic card stress test on the dell support site, i figured out the graphic card was the problem, mid way through the test the computer shut down again.. A day or so later i returned to my computer and started playing the said game again, this time i started the computer while it had been turned off all day. The computer shut down again, but this time it lasted a long while longer, i figured it was because i started from a cold start. I go to turn it back on and it wouldnt come on. Comes to find out the power cord was unplugged and the battery had just died. So this got me thinking, i reran the stress test again, and it went all the way through. So is it the power cable or is it some on the computer, i would have to say the power cable, but from what ive read about others having the same problem is that replacing the power cable didnt help.

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Hi :)

    Check the charger with a VOLTMETER ...

    All the best Brett :)
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