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Hello everyone.

I cracked the screen of my Packard Bell Easy-note TV43 (or TV44 - I don't have it to hand at the mo).

I subsequently bought a replacement display, but the connector on the back (LVDS?) was a different size to the broken screen.

Question is, can I just use it anyway, or do I need to send it back and get another? If I can use it, should I align it left or right?

Hope you can help.
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  1. send it back you should use the same parts to ensure it will work
    take a picture of the connector found on broken screen to the reseller to make sure you get the same one
  2. Hi :)

    Send it back...

    The screen MUST HAVE the same numbers on the WHITE STICKER on the back as the OLD SCREEN....

    All the best Brett :)
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