Laptop running games poorly

I recently purchased one of these:

It's a great laptop. I wiped the OS it had installed and put my own copy of W7 64 on there. I didn't buy the laptop for games, but I tried one or two out anyway. They run really poorly. I don't expect much from a laptop, but this seems unusually bad performance for the spec.

Does anyone have any advice, or know any free benchmarking software I could use to check if something really is amiss?
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  1. So you wiped Windows 7 x64 to put Windows 7 x64 back on? Well I can understand that as you get rid of all of the bloatware that systems seem to have on them anymore. So did you make sure that all of your drivers are installed and up to date? Make sure you are running the latest drivers for your GPU and update DX if needed. Even though Windows 7 comes with DX 11 most games still need DX 9 and both versions can be installed with no problems. Check device manager and make sure you are not missing any other drivers for your system.

    Alot of laptops will have proprietary drivers that may not be included with a default Windows 7 install. That is were I would start anyway. Good luck.

    Also what game were you trying to play?
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