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If I buy a laptop with a high end gpu like the nvidia 675m or 680m, how long will those cards last? Would I be better off saving some money and getting something in the 650m range if it will last roughly the same amount of time before another laptop upgrade is due? Or will the 675m or 680m last me a year or two longer than say the 650m?

If it makes any more sense, in the nvidia 600 series, how long will each card stay viable and is the cost worth it for said card?

(unfortunately a desktop is not really an option as I have no space for it and would want to play games on the go. I understand it is much more cost effective to upgrade a gaming pc over a gaming laptop.)
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  1. Hi :)

    They will ALL last the same amount of time, which is generally a LESSER amount of time than you are happy

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Well a 675m or 680m will be able to play a few more games than a 650m. But I do not think it makes much difference in the long run anyway and really not very many games a optimized for laptop play anyway. A 680m will most likely be harder to keep cool so that may be something you may need to look into also. Heat is the main killer for any system but all the more important on a gaming laptop.
  3. I've found good ways to keep my laptops at a good temp so I am focusing more on gaming quality in terms of how long they will last instead of when they will start to actually fail.
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    Do research, get a 640m or 640m LE and laugh at kids who paid $200 more for a 660m
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