How'd I do? Price vs. Value

So, after trying to stay at $1000.00, this is what I just ordered:

Lenovo Y580
15.6" Full HD resolution
1 TB (no SSD component - I'll put in later)
BluRay Combo drive
Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2200BGN
Intgrated HD Camera
3 yr Warranty + Accidental Damage Protection

Can I get some feel-good approvals? =) Thanks.
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  1. If that i7 isn't a QM then it's a dual core CPU... the 660m isn't a horrible graphics chip, but it's not amazing either.

    Does "full HD resolution" mean 1080p or 720? My guess is it's the second, which means the 660m should hold it's own fairly well.
  2. It is the 3630QM. HD is 1080.
  3. According to the website his laptop has a full Hd screen and a QM processor. I would Say you have an ok deal for a laptop.
  4. You paid about what it is worth. I make it a point to never pay what something is worth. So if you're happy with it that is all that matters. I paid about $150 less for basically the same laptop, but with better battery life and a 900p screen. (Samsung np700z5c-s02u) It will play bf3 on high, so forget the guy who said the 660m isn't great. Not all of us can afford 680m's.
  5. I can be happy that, considering the 3 yr warranty/accident damage protection. :)
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