Sony vaio PCG-FX950H stuck on standby

I have a Sony vaio PCG-FX950H which is stuck on standby. When I plug the charger cable all lights blink one time quick, then the orange light (battery 1) double blinks for ever, like if its in standby. If I push the power button to turn on the laptop, the green light + orange 1 and 2 stay on solid. Like if it was getting power but nothing starts, no fan, no hard drive, nothing gets hot.. the computer is dead but lights are up.
So far Ive tried disconnecting everything, keyboard, dvd drive, hard drive etc, every singe component attached, and nothing worked.
I've tried all possibilities with the RAM. with no ram at all, then one ram in each slot, then the other ram in each slot... and nothing.
I've obviously tried the hard reset and taking out the battery, draining the electricity by holding the power button ect.
Resenting the BIOS battery didn't help either.
The laptop looks just like new, everything was connected properly and it doesn't even have a bit of dust...
The only thing I can think of at this point is that both of the RAM slots are corrupted.
I have read a lot of comments on internet about this exact same issue. A LOT OF THEM WITH THE EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS but no answers on how to fix it. Is there anyone out there that have gotten it fixed? I am just asking what is causing this problem and what to do to solve it. I have a strong background on computer fixing but this is really facing me.. Just please give me instructions and/or what needs to be replaced and I'll get it repaired, if worth it.
Thanks in advanced
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  1. Hi :)

    Check the charger with a VOLTMETER...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. The charger I use is a universal charger for laptops which I use every day on different laptops and it works just fine.
    Thanks anyways for your replay :)
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