Asus u56e USB problems!! Help please!

Right after i put a fresh install of windows 7 on my laptop, my usb drivers were working.
Than after installing a driver for the chipset from Asus's website, it stopped working. i tried to uninstall that driver and even made sure all the drivers for USB were up to date and made sure all the settings were right in the BIOS.
When i plug up anything it doesnt detect it, but when i plug up my external, the indicator light stays green for 4 seconds or so and then goes blank and nothing happens.
could it be hardware failure, none of the USB ports work (3)

Please help! I need these things to work!

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  1. The chipset drivers control the USBs. It's unlikely to be complete USB failure, more likely it's the driver. Check your chipset driver version, and see if Asus provides previous versions.
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