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Hey there, I've spent the last about... 2 hours looking for the answer to my problem, found a few things that I tried, but nothing worked yet (it was never exactly the same problem as I so it sort of normal). I have also looked a bit in the forum here and haven't found any solution yet (maybe I missed it, if so, I'm sorry). And last thing before I actually get to the problem, I'm not sure it goes in windows 7 category but it here that I have seen the closest thread to my problem.

Ok here it is. I can't see my drives on CPU except my main (C: ) and my camera. I know there are some threads that look like this around, but not exactly.

I can see them in the device manager, they all have a drive letter, they all have their drivers up to date, I have the usbstor.ini file, I can even open them if I type the letter in the link bar (if I can't figure out the letter, I just go in the device manager, select the drive that I want and go propreties>volumes>populate).

Here's a screenshot of it->

I run on Windows 7 obviously and I'm not too sure what info from my system you need from me here ^^; Thank you for the help!
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  1. It appears that your drive are being recognized and are available.
    Could you give more detail about "I can't see my drives on CPU"
  2. Well as shown in the screenshot, they don't appear in the "Computer" directory (sorry for the sms talk). Oh and what ever other external drive I plug in, it does the same.
  3. Are these drives empty?
    Somewhere you can tell windows not to display empty drives.
    Not at my win 7 system right now otherwise I would tell you where to look.
  4. Well first no there not, the usb key is nearly full, and for the dvd drive there is a cd in there. I still went and checked if that option ("Hide empty removable drives") was checked or not, and it not.
  5. It looks like a driver thing. Try reinstalling the driver for the usb controller.
  6. Well I had unistalled and reinstalled the drivers for the dvd, also unnistalling and reinstalling the actual drive. It not helping, and it wasn't really a surprise because, as I said before, it does it for every other drive that I plug in.

    USB Keys, External HDD, external cd rom drive. Anything that seems to be able to store something doesn't appear there.
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