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Laptop LED and Display Driver

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
February 21, 2013 12:04:10 PM

Hello there, first, sorry for my english. i'm new here... just need an expert opinion about my laptop. I'll sumarize the problem (i'm not good at explaining detail thing), hope it help.

My laptop: MSI CX 413; GPU ATI Radeon HD 5470 512mb; CPU AMD Athlon II P360 2,3Ghz; Windows 7 home premium.

-Problem start couple weeks ago, freeze when playing online games, normal games, not demanding one (Project Blackout if you need to know).

-Then i hard reset my laptop, the screen wont display anything. So, i connect the display to an external monitor. It works, but everytime the OS load up (after windows logo with BLACK background). It ended by BSOD.

-Dont know what to do, so i reinstall window 7. Wipe everything in C: drive. The display able to turned on after Windows installed, I continue to installing the driver pack CD from manufacturer (including the ATI catalyst). But new problem appear, it give me "Display driver stopped responding, and have been recovered" notification message everytime i play game.

-Then it freeze again, reinstall windows again, but now the screen wont turned on... it just dead. I still able to use external monitor to see whats going on. so with the external monitor, i continue to install the display driver, but it give me BSOD every single time when windows load up.

- So i remove JUST the display driver, and it able to load windows but with dead screen and without display driver installed. I still able to use office software, or browse the web with it.

my question is "Do broken laptop screen able to make the GPU unstable? Do my screen is dead, or my GPU fried, or both?"

Thanks in advance, i hope you blokes have an solution for this problem. I need my laptop back to live... it's my only one, and i have a lot of paper work untended because of this.

note: there's a little crack on the bottom of the screen chassis near to the hinge, and a small split neat the screen edge. But i still able to open and close the lid. (the lid design and material a bit brittle, well, it's made in chinese)

another note: my laptop cant work properly now, so... unable to reply this forum frequently. But I do check it, once a day... or so.
February 21, 2013 12:16:48 PM

Sounds a little like your GPU has fractured links with the motherboard (a common fault in graphics chips on many devices). This explains why it is somewhat/temperamentally operational.

I would blame the LCD cable except you said this problem developed with freezing first, which again is indicative of such a fault (as the connection gets steadily worse).

This is repairable at home with a few simple tools but it's not for the faint-hearted and carries high risk of failure. The process essentially involves resoldering the GPU onto the motherboard to renew the electrical connections. The counterargument to its high risk is that you haven't got a lot to lose anyway as the system is essentially useless without a functioning GPU.
February 22, 2013 3:15:23 PM

sorry for late replies... but thanks for the respond. At least i know what to do next .

note: sorry for this short answer... cant type munch stuff on my cellphone. Thanks, by the way.
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