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Im using win7 pro 64bit. Ive read alot of posts that recommend setting your page file to 1.5x greater than your physical memory. I even saw one that says to make it 2x. I also saw quite a few that say page file should be set to exactly what your physical memory is. Then there are some that say you should have minimum and maximum set to same number and others that say you should actually have a minimum and maximum set. Right now im letting system control setting and im not sure if i should tweak it myself??? Im using corei7-930 with 6gb memory and settings at the moment are.... Minimum allowed= 16mb, recommended= 9213mb and currently allocated= 6142mb. Should i continue to let system manage it or should i set manually and if so what should i set it as?
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  1. I also have a drive i cache all of my data to for my trading app that currently has no page file and a system reserved drive which i believe is a partition which also has none. I believe this should be set like that but I am not sure.
  2. I always set mine to 1.5 x physical ram and then load up the most intensive memory hog I would use, see what memory is in use and then use that + 10%.

    Never had an app/game crash or complain and can sleep/hibernate without problems.
  3. Just let the system manage it.
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