HP DV5-1110AX Windows 7 Audio Issue


I upgraded a family member's laptop from Windows Vista after a hard drive issue to Windows 7. I have installed all the drivers for the laptop but there is an issue with audio.
There is no audio playback. From the speakers or from a 3.5mm audio jack.
According to the HP website, I have the correct audio drivers. I've been trying to locate the exact sound chip model that is in the laptop so I can install manufacturer drivers, but I haven't had any luck so far.

I am unsure as to whether this is related to another issue. The laptop has a quick launch bar up the top of the keyboard, with multimedia buttons and whatever.
When the sound is muted in Windows, the light glows white, which before the format, meant that the sound was on.
However when the sound is un-muted in Windows, the light changes to red, which means that the sound is muted.
It's a bit odd, and I'm not sure if the laptop is even able to hardware mute, but that could be the issue. Quite strange.

I have reinstalled numerous different versions of both the audio and quick launch bar drivers, just in case. Nothing has worked so far, still no audio.
I don't really want to reinstall windows yet again, but if it comes to it, I'll have to.

Can anyone shed some light on this situation?

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  1. Bumping, still haven't managed to fix the issue.
  2. Hi :)

    You have GOT to reinstall the correct manufacturers sound drivers...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. The manufacturer sound drivers are installed, still not working. I have installed and reinstalled them time and time again. All different versions.
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