Best video card to hook up to a TV would be....

I just bought a Sony HDTV with composite video inputs and about 5 S-Video inputs. I would like to hook my computer up to it and I was wondering which video card would produce the best resolution? I remember using a Voodoo3 3000 and the resolution was very poor...has the times changed?

Also, I would like to hook up my computer to my receiver that I have but I would like to make it a digital connection not an analog. Are there sound cards out there with optical or coaxial connections? I've heard of some motherboards that have built on optical connections but I'd prefer coaxial.

Any type of feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Resolution is totally dependant on the TV, not the video card. You get a cleaner signal from S-Video than from composite, but no increase in resolution.
    Having said that, HDTV is 1024x768, or somwhere around that, whereas normal TV's are around 840x480 (for good ones). In fact some HDTV's actually come with a computer monitor connection.
    I would use my Radeon LE TVO, because it's the best for under $100. But it really depends on your budget. I like the TV-Out features of Radeons better than those of GeForce's. The Radeon 8500 should allow you to set your TV and monitor at different resolutions.

    Back to you Tom...
  2. I thought that composite gave a clearer signal then S-Video.

    Thanks for your feedback, I believe I'll go with the Radeon 8500.

  3. Composite refers to the RCA cable (single coaxial, as in one pin) connection. This is the oldest video signal standard and goes all the way back to the Apple II. S-Video is a newer standard and came out with the introduction of Super VHS. It was made to transfer the higher resolution signal of S-VHS to HD-TV, even though HD-TV was not yet avialable (the standard has been around a while). It uses a 4-pin shielded wire.

    Back to you Tom...
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