my boss is using outlook 2007 it takes too long to open and load mails at some point he has to restart the machine...i have tried all the inbuilt repair tools but apparently it even gets slower........guys help with these problem
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  1. To many mails in inbox? >50 = slow :)
  2. Having lots of large .pst files open, especially if any of them are on network shares (great way to lose data).
  3. try running outlook in safe mode (outlook /safe) and see if it open faster.
    if it is running faster you may have a problem with one or more of outlook add-on (plugin, like A/V etc.)
  4. I think you have many emails in your account.
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  6. 1) Archive:
    If there are too many emails it will take the emails out of the main inbox and place them into a second box called a PST which can allow the emails to be viewed later.

    For data security maybe place the PST on a servers network drive for backup purposes.

    2) Recreate the Outlook profile:
    May be a profile based issue. Recreating the profile resolves many outlook based issues.
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