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I have an Lenovo Y560 with HD5735 and Core I7 Processor (Q740@1.73), 4GB Ram and I'm running Win8 X64 RTM (MSDN Subscriber). I've just bought Battlefield 3 and I get very low FPS when playing online. When I play it at 1920x1080 it has same FPS (10-13) when I use Medium or Low video settings. When I play it at 1366x768 I get around 15-18 FPS on Low and Medium. When I play it using 1024x768 I get around 23-25 FPS on Low video settings. It could be a problem regarding Windows8 or AMD Driver ? I think my configuration should alow me to play the game decently with medium settings at least in 1366x768 resolution. I have installed the last driver from AMD Site (12.8).
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  1. Did you have an earlier version of Windows on this computer at some point? Did BF3 play with much higher framerates then?
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